“Well, i made up my mind and changed my thoughts and finally decided to write about the Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 collection…”

Imagen (23) Well, i went back and forth about this collection many times. I’ve tried to find the smallest detail that would change my mind about this collection just to force myself not to like it. But this collection is actually fine, and perfect, and magnificent to be Sarah Burton’s first collection as creative director of the brand (putting aside the resort 2011 collection). Everything is said to be handcrafted and the final work, the finished product is beautifully crafted, this is the kind of prêt-a-porter that is almost and very closely to be couture. After the many researches that i’ve made, i noticed that the symbiosis between Sarah and Lee Alexander McQueen is incredible, she understands him like no one else (obviously, excluding the late Isabella Blow). It was clearly and visually obvious that she took many aspects characteriscally of McQueen’s previous collections and made them work for this spiritual, earthy, free minded collection. I’ve reached to the conclusion that it was me, i was forcing myself not to like this collection, maybe because i wasn’t over with the fact that we won’t have more of McQueen’s twisted mind resplendent work, but as time went by from the 5th of October of 2010, when the collection was presented during Paris Fashion Week, to today’s date, the 5th of November 2010, a month later, i’ve changed my mind to the point of hearing me say that this was an excellent collection and that Sarah Burton is amazing, if not, perfect for the position she’s been given.

Runway video:

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Sketch: by me.
Picture Source: Style dot Com.
Video: You Tube.


Andrés Corella said...

McQueen is irreplacable...but Sarah would definetely get a spot on our hearts...Lee would be very proud!



Anonymous said...

tienes mucho talento cuando estes en panama tienes las puertas abiertas en V&Vc.
exitos .

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

GRACIAS Armando. Nice to know it, i'll be glad to work with you. Seriously i dont even have the words to express how nice those words you typed on that commnet are.

konshonchloe said...

genial la coleccion!