“Cactus Boy”

Isla con palmeras
Isla con palmeras
I’m currently blogging from my bed, guess where?, yes back in Panama. I decided to take a break.
So what are you all, Panamanians, doing? ? ?
A while ago I finally decided to visit Recoleta’s Cultural Center and it was fun, much more than I expected it would be. Also the weather was warm enough for my to just wear a sweater instead of carrying rows and rows of fabric in shape of a coat. It felt like ages since I last wore my parrot jumper.
Thanks Luis for the pictures, you make an awesome bad photographer (kidding)
… I think I might do a mini collection of cotton breezy separates.. Should i?.
We’ll see.
Expect me to be around much more often.
Isla con palmeras
Pictures : Luis De Gouveia.


Luis De Gouveia said...

Qué guapo amigo!

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Shut up you looser.

But thanks