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So last week.. last week I attended Sky Ferreira’s gig down here in Buenos Aires, and boy what a show it was…

I couldn’t stop gushing about it, my inner 13 y’old fangirl was full on display.

The highlight of the night was when she saw the Kurt Cobain printed t-shirt Andrea and I made for her, her eyes literally went wide and she motioned for me to throw it, as soon as she got it she held it open -Kurt facing the crowd- while singing, now let’s hope she wears it Alienígena, and if you’re wondering… yes I took pictures of Sky holding the t-shirt, the only issue is that I took them with my phone all blurry and mushy.. fingers crossed she uploads something with the tee.

Anyways, above are some pictures I took from the show,



all pictures by me.


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