“My flight back to Panama in 3 pictures…”


(Left London)


(Fell in love up in the air)


(Landed in Panama)


Landed in Panama last friday, left London behind, but London will always remain in a small part of my heart.

Now let’s try to catch up with everything I left undone before traveling.

Got tons of pictures to share and post (I think that’s going to take a while), but now, let’s rest a little.


All Pictures belong to my Instagram account: “antoniofeuillebois”.
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“Antonio Feuillebois. Resort 2013. Cariño Flamingo.”

So there it is.
That’s the “Cariño Flamingo” look book.
Thanks to everyone who worked with me on this awesome experience
Photography: Levi Walton.
Styling: Liz Moreno.
Graphic Design: Ali Garcia.
Nail Art: Ali Garcia.
Make-Up: Valerie Troncoso.
Model: Natalia Blasser at Physical.
Thanks so much to Melissa shoes who let me use their awesome-tastic shoes for the shoot.
And also thanks so much to Physical and the whole Fashion Week Panama organization who had been there for me a lot on this experience.

*All pictures belong to me and were taken by Levi Walton and should not be used unless given credit*


“Tutti-Frutti Doll”

-NotaCopacabana Club – Tropical Splash Nota-



A little backstage from the “Cariño Flamingo” lookbook photoshoot.

Yes, the resort 2014 collection I’m taking with me to London Fashion Week (WOOT WOOT).

Isla con palmeras

Thanks to everyone who collaborated with me:

Melissa shoes who were kind enough to lend the perfect shoes to match such fun collection (not bragging, not bragging). Liz who did the styling, and Levi Walton for the photography.

The whole lookbook will be up later, by now I should be arriving in London (oh jetlag, it’s oh-not-so-nice to meet you)

Arco iris


All Pictures by Me.



“We’re off to London for Fashion Week, WOOT WOOT?”


Sooo, in other news I’ll be participating during London Fashion Week on a showcase of emerging designers as part of an initiative from The British Fashion Council running from the 14th to the 19th of February.

Get all the details here:

“International Fashion Showcase”

So, basically, I’ll should be on plane to London by now, so glad Liz is also coming with me, “woot woot, yaaay yaaay”.

Illustration: Trou Noir.



“Yes Sir, Camo Sir”


“How do we feel about camo?”

That’s me questioning a trend.

Got that camo printed jacket a few weeks ago at a cheap thrift store, apparently it was previously owned by a real U.S. Navy, his measures were listed on the inside of the jacket, weird… yet cool.

And that makes me think, “is he alive? is he dead?”

Let’s just pray he’s still alive.

Au contraire, did someone had to die in the name of a trend?.

And that, people of the planet earth, is how you give a new meaning to the term “mind-fuck”.