“Antonio Feuillebois. Resort 2013. Cariño Flamingo.”

So there it is.
That’s the “Cariño Flamingo” look book.
Thanks to everyone who worked with me on this awesome experience
Photography: Levi Walton.
Styling: Liz Moreno.
Graphic Design: Ali Garcia.
Nail Art: Ali Garcia.
Make-Up: Valerie Troncoso.
Model: Natalia Blasser at Physical.
Thanks so much to Melissa shoes who let me use their awesome-tastic shoes for the shoot.
And also thanks so much to Physical and the whole Fashion Week Panama organization who had been there for me a lot on this experience.

*All pictures belong to me and were taken by Levi Walton and should not be used unless given credit*


Anonymous said...

Felicidades Antonio! tienes una hermosa colección, avisame en cuanto esten a la venta.
un abrazo

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Caro, Gracias :) Saludos. Perfecto