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What What?

This event has now reached the top of my “to-attend” list.

We all know that being comfy and stylish is one hell of a big problem, so when those 2 aspects collide with the plus of being an eco-friendly product, the result can only mean one thing = Melissa AWESOMENESS.

The event will have a pop-up-store at Panamericana Hostel (in Casco) selling Melissa’s new collection, plus tons of gorgeous looking Melissa shoes. The pop-up-store will last 3 days, with the opening party been the 30th of August with invitation only, through the 31st of august and the 1st of September open to everyone.

Another plus is the many live performances, decorations and art installations by various national and international artists such as Rolo de Sedas, Georges Don from Paris, Jacqueline Brandwayn from Colombia and many more.

I don’t want to be a bummer, but a little bird told me Liz Moreno (my home girl) will be playing a set, as well as Diego Bowie and Analida Lewis. So this means the party is definitely going to be GOOD.

So this means we are in for a treat.

Thanks to Melissa and Miss Moss for the invitation.


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