“Like any other morning, chilling around while doing a styling at 4 AM in Casco”


Some pictures I took backstage from a styling gig the store put me to work on. The final product ended up hard to understand since it was an accessories shoot, and it was difficult to make the client understand while trying to stay true to my persona. Liz, who helped me not to freak out while the client wasn’t liking any of the funky yet quirky and tribal looks super toned down (hate the client and her stuff, there I said it). As for the pictures, don’t ask me anything, and to be honest I liked more the pictures I un-professionally took backstage (don’t miss-understand me, the photographer is amazing, but it’s not a fashion photographer so it was really hard to deal with).

Pictures: Me and Liz Moreno.


Andrés Corella said...

So cool you got a styling gig...so bad you were stuck with a crappy client...but what Liz said is completely true...that´s why things seldomly progress don´t they...anyways congrats on your styling gig..sure there will be more to come and with clients that would really appreciate what your amazing creative mind concieves.

The Black Label

liz moreno said...

I think we did it great, anyway, unfortunately the client didnt speak our same language...as many other clients. im not happy with the pictures neither, and maybe thats the main reason why everything didnt come out as we expected, since none of the accessories came in the way they were meant to be "main characters" in the pics, which i think really sucks, and i cant understand how the client is still happy with those shoots... after all i think all the well done outfits match pretty cool with the accesories...
i like very much the pics gimme some credit for couple of shoots i took hmmm :( jajaj

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Damn it, hell yes liz.
And i couldn't agree more with you Andru.