“The Dragon With The Girl Tattoo (it was intentional).”


I needed to get that copy on my hands.

Rooney Mara looks out-of-this-world, now i can’t wait for the movie to come out.

Picture: Me.


“Three As Four”

Witchcraft, science fiction, superstitions and religion were all abstractly yet literally (it does make sense) captured in this collection. Everything from the runway setting to the clothes, to the makeup, to the hair, everything was strategically arranged making this collection quite enchanting in a superstitious way while the models looked like nomad alien fairies. Threeasfour designers: Gabriel Asfour, Angela Donhauser and Adi Gil put together a collection using several religious and superstitious elements such as The Star of David or The Jewish Star that consist of 2 opposite triangles meaning the ruling tribe of Judah and the former ruling tribe of Benjamin, and the Evil Eye which can be translated as good or bad luck (it varies). But then, this is not a religious class I’m giving you. And those religious elements were sprung all over the collection either in prints over flowy chiffon or crafted in details such as in the 3rd look here, in the case of the Jewish Star; or used as embellishment in the case of the “Evil Eye”. In general this collection was beautifully crafted, making me put it in a neo-classic-experimental-kind-of-art that exorcises some of the many demons of our society.

Video: YouTube.
Collages: Me & Yuan Fan Wu,
Picture Source: Elle dot Com.


“Sporty Spice”


So this was basically what I was working on with a school buddy. I know little, to not say: “barely anything” when it comes to Photoshop and all of those photo-editing programs. Someday I’ll be hooked up with those odd softwares. Anyways, Spring 2012 fashion weeks started almost 2 months ago and I couldn’t had waited longer to show you what I liked from what was presented in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Starting in New York, with Alexander Wang which was definitely a love-hate case for me, since it took me a while to actually love the entire collection. But, yet again Mr. Wang has made me fall in-love with a collection who’s inspiration came from something entirely out my comfort zone. The feeling and vibe from this show was clearly evident: “sports” (anything involving speed, to be more specific). One element that remained reminiscent throughout the entire collection was peek-a-boo sheerness. *Cough* mesh, sheer panels and cut-outs *Cough*. Another interesting note was how he played with un-expected fabrics, mostly sport fabric, used in completely wearable pieces. The silhouette for this season on the other hand changed drastically when compared to last seasons baggier and more relaxed than the short, nipped on the waist with oversized panels serving as peplums, and more revealing one shown here. Breaking up with solid colors, prints were used to a maximum-minimum (If that makes sense to you. It does to me.) in a digitally layered botanical print used in some of the toughest pieces (the ombre cropped hoodie and pants combo -look 6 here-). The color palate was mostly dark with colors such as petrol blue, deep burgundy, mint, crisp whites and pops of color provided by some danger-zone-orange (I just made that name up). Now this is one way I could definitely fall in-love with sports.


Pictures source: Elle. Collages: Thanks to Yuanfan Wu (love you buddy).
Video: Youtube.




This photo-shoot easily describes the mood I’ve had in the past few days.

Shot by Petra for Rookie Mag.
Styled by Tavi.


“It’s and ‘A’ for Antonio…”


It has been quite a long while since I posted a look here. Wore this the other day to run some errands in the city.

Everything’s from Zara except the socks and reading glasses (got to love that store).

Pictures taken by me (my tripod did the rest)


“Status Fashion Night”


You all already know what Fashion’s Night Out is, well, then you’ll be more than excited to hear that Status Mag is organizing our very own Panamanian take on FNO. The event will be held the 15th of November (consider that date already saved) in MultiPlaza (mall extraordinaire) with more than 40 stores participating.

Which makes it a -can’t-miss-it- event.

Hope to see you all there.

For more info:
follow them on twitter: @STATUSMagaz or visit their Facebook Page.