“For the sake of obnoxiousness…”


I always forget this kind of things. I was featured in a magazine called “HIP” in their “Gente Hip (Hip People)” section in their 27th issue. And recently I was featured in an article/comment made in a newspaper magazine called “Ellas” (thanks to the lovely Alexa from So Hot So Me). The only funny thing was that the peeps at HIP made a silly mistake, they wrote my last name wrong (It’s F-E-U-I-L-L-E-B-O-I-S) and made me younger (they put me 15, when by that time I was actually 17). Well, that’s all for now. Happy Halloween, I’m gonna’ go and watch The Exorcist for the 198765th time while eating candy corn and peanut butter-filled chocolate balls.

Scans by me.

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