“La Lulu at FWP 2011 2nd Day.”

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So on the 2nd day of FWP 2011 Lulu Macaroon decided to go a little bit patriotic by wearing 2 colors from the Panamanian flag (hence red, blue and white). And thanks to the mix and match we did with the Michael Kors pre-fall 2011 (top and pants from this look, paired with the trench coat from this look) with an Hermes clutch and vintage magenta pumps. Pictures from the collections presented during the second day of FWP 2011 will be posted next week.

Drawing: By me.

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Andrés Corella said...

Love it..very patriotic indeed..but without looking tacky (yeah you know how sometimes it can go that way) but of course is Lulu she can do no wrong!

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