“My Favorites From Milan Menswear Fashion Week Spring 2012: Prada and Jil Sander.”


Miuccia’s spring 2012 collection for menswear was quite the most bright, fun, quirky collection with the right amount of girly-ness a man could ask for. Her contradictory way to get inspiration took her this time for a golf tournament, which could be easily assumed by the set of the show, the many golf-bags the models carried down the runway (which I did not include here) and, of course, the grass looking-esqe carpet that covered the whole set. Highlights of this collections were the childish and odontology's-esqe printed shirts, jackets and pants, that gave the garments a naïve feeling; the Village People-esqe studded jackets; the flowery 50’s-early-60’s printed pants, jackets and shirts; and the ice-cream colored oxfords. Now double the corny-ness in you and listen “Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club while watching the runway video up on Prada’s website.



Jil Sander

Raf Simmons outing for Jil Sander presented a collection that reminded me of Oliver Twist, obviously, in a much modern way (in the Oliver Twist-way). And continuing with the childish-thing I’m having at the moment, I find this collection quite transcendental, as it remind me of the child inside me. According to Tim Blanks review for style dot com: “…with a mens collection for Jil Sander that aimed similarly telescope the style of the postwar decade into one disorienting whole.”, Oliver Twist, anyone?. That postwar note was quite visible in the shorts, most of the high-waisted, specially the one paired with the snake-skin printed shirt, nipping in the waist of the model and giving him a much more delicate figure; and on the many combat boots presented. Yes, the simplicity was there and the lack of color was very well welcomed. My favorite pieces from this collection were the heavy crochet knitted sweaters and pull-overs, the shinny eel-skin jacket, and all the shorts.



Pictures: Vogue Australia dot com


Olguita Reyna said...

Jil Sander es mi favorito! Pero los colores y estampados de Prada me encantaron!

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

I still can't decide which one was my favorite.

keren B said...

Si yo fuera niño usaría PRADA! =)