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So after quite a few weeks of not writing anything i finally found free time to quietly write my thoughts about what i liked of what was presented during London Fashion Week (mmhmm, you already know that right). I’ve always wanted to make a corny introduction thinking i’m a journalist for style dot com (let’s put that dream into my “what-i-want-to-do-in-the-future” box just around the corner of my love-for-cornyness box) and that i’m really busy, which is partially true due to my God Dammed lovely ambassadors of love and understanding or as everyone else likes to call them: TEACHERS. So no more rambling, let’s get down to the monkey business. So, personally what i like the most about London Fashion Week is that what is shown haves such a rebel identity and coolness in luxe way, and that was clearly shown there for this season. Starting with Acne’s collection that masturbated my brain (literally). What’s cooler than wearing dusty pink leather?. Many things you’ll say, i know, but i loved that vest, it was just like a sweet-and-sour sauce. It reminded me so much of My Private Idaho main characters turned here into oozing coolness women's that had nothing to loose. And apparently this is Jonny Johansson’s last collection for Acne, apparently. Sad but let’s wait and see what happens. Applauses to Jonny. Moving on to Betty Jackson who presented a collection full of different red hues, drop waists, awkward lenghts, and heavy-looking material. Most of the silhouettes morphed the body making it feel bigger, airy and obviously with a lot of space (if you’re skinny, you’ll completely understand me). I’m a sucker for big-sized jumpers and sweaters, i loved in peculiarly the one on the first look here. Everything felt like it was taken out of a fairy-tale, and to be specific, it felt like it was taken out of a Fairy God Mother closet. And most of the silhouettes morphed the body to feel bigger, airy, with a lot of space (if you’re skinny, you’ll completely understand me). Inspiration, according to Betty, came from Patti Smith’s memoir titled “Just Kids”, and yes it did had that abandonment feeling specially with the lightness of all the heavy fabrics. Applauses to Betty.  Charles, Charles, OOOH Charles, you clearly hang out with Luella and Ricardo Tisci (have you seen his most recent collection for Givenchy? [oh crap, that’s another post]). The witchy, pagan, rebel,  english librarian-girl felt like a pleasant sin. Each look evoked a statement that is translated into my wrecked language as an experienced-virgin girl going thru puberty. Quite a description huh?. The combination of fabrics, as shown in the third look here, in a dress with a sheer top and a stiff-looking fabric on the skirt. Which, again, makes the statement i mentioned above. Yes, i wanna be lame and say that i loved everything from the wild-Mona Lisa hair to the heavy-looking shoes, still that doesn’t means that i ran out of word, i just simply loved everything. Applauses to Charles. Next was Meadham Kirhchhoff, which was, for me, an ode to traditional American work-clothes/uniforms turned into rebellious 90’s eclecticism and an angst-y Chanel girl who got a wig from George Washington. Like the past 2 collections, Ed Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff designs were rich in details and not precisely embellishments, more on how the the cropped cardigans or small shrugs draped over the shoulders, the pleating on the skirts, the embroidery on many pieces, and many more. This is yet another pagan collection i’m drowned into, and so far the result of the past two seasons of Meadham Kirchhoff have been a delight for my eyes. Applauses to Ed and Ben, awesome collection. Danielle Scutt made a very welcomed return to the catwalk (i love saying catwalk, so 90’s right?) after 3 seasons. Let’s vomit it glittery and fast: THIS WAS ONE OF MY TOP FAVORITE COLLECTIONS PRESENTED IN LONDON. The tacky gold lame, the crushed velvet, the shrugged wool used on the trench coat… everything was appealing to my eyes. The silhouettes were very “sexy” (i haven’t used that word in ages [like i’m too old, yeah yeah, whateva’]) and flattering still well tailored. Watch the runway video while listening to Honk Kong Garden by Siouxsie and the Banshees and you’ll get me. I’ll bring more of this collection later. Applauses and standing ovation to Danielle Scutt, welcome back. And to finish let’s all arch our backs and make a polite reverence to Dame Vivienne Westwood. This collection was a smoothie who’s flavor is a combination of Brazilian Carnival and an English diplomatic-Cambridge girl. Play The Carpenters Close To You song or Eternal Flame by Bangles, while watching this. The final result of that smoothie was an awesome and cool presentation, makeup included into that cool mix. Maybe i’ll get that kind of face paint or make up for Halloween if i’m not wearing a black mask. Applauses to Vivienne Westwood. More on another post.

Pictures: Style dot Com.

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