“Nameless Post”

I’m Gonna take some time off, to be more specific, 2 weeks. Also i have exams next week, one of the reasons I'm taking this break.



Picture: Fane Wane tumblr. (i think)


“Lovely LOVE”


This was my favorite cover, runner up was Giselle’s. WE NEED THIS KIND OF “LOVE” IN PANAMA.

Which one is yours?



Source: FGR


“What about outer space?…”

I’m still asking myself how and why i missed this collection. I still stay stare at the prints of the pieces from the collection and say that every look takes me into a journey around outer space that i believe is the acronym of a beautiful epiphany that begins as a unique utopia that actually owns a way to be done and to show how it’s gonna be done. This collection is for dreamers, dreamers who actually would make their dreams come true (quite a weird way on how to describe this collection, but that’s how i see it).

Here are the looks that i most liked.

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For the whole collection click below:

Christopher Kane Resort 2011 collection.

Source: Style dot Com.




“Where Did You Come From Lady” –Michael Jackson (first line on the first verse of P.Y.T)

ME: We, Panamanians, have our own (i dare to call) Fashion icon in the making.
YOU: WHO?. (with a surprised face)
She’s Maristella Gonzalez from PYT IN PTY blog.
ME: Her rollercoaster personal style is very interesting to watch and very “HER OWN”.
Go and check her blog, and turn into a big Fan of it (as i am).
YOU: WOW… It’s amazing how people in Panama are getting with the right hand and foot into the fashion world. (again with a surprised face)
ME: Yes it does, FINALLY.
YOU: AHAHAHA. (LAUGH and go click the link from above and get impressed by her style and blog).




Pictures from her LOOKBOOK.


“One way or Another”

BLOG DOSBLOG 1 IMG_0410IMG_0418 IMG_0411 IMG_0436(Plaid Shirt, Low Rise jeans, Shoes, Zara. Scarf, Payless. Nerdy glasses, Up Date Store.  Book: “A bend in the Road” by Nicholas Sparks, from last trip to the Flea Market.)


Oh about what should i write?. What about not writing. But read this amazing piece of written stuff:

“Life Oddity”
The gap between my everyday life and my desired life is curiously detrimental.
Wanting to overcome my own accomplishments drains the purity of my feelings, the purity of my scent. It makes me wonder if I'll ever go forward, through space, time and life; and if the whole lie that breathes and lives in the deepest and darkest space of my brain will someday come true.
But at the very same time, I couldn't let myself go down, I shall and must awaken, I must raise from my colorful glittery ashes and fulfill the lie. Make it become a beautiful truth.
Then I wonder again, when that lie becomes a truth, will I create to myself another lie?.

Source: The Diego Paris Blog.

“Lollapalooza 2010 Street Style”

i wonder how the world would be if everyone, every single human, cared a bit more of what they’re wearing…


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Source: Style dot com.



IMG_0350IMG_0308 IMG_0310 IMG_0293 IMG_0358 IMG_0284 IMG_0019IMG_0040

Sorry for the lack of post, like a read on twitter, “just got a shot of real life”.