“Mademoiselle Free.”


It took a while to love this girl, but now I’m quite obsessed with her (in a good way)

Charlotte Free
Paul Schmidt

source: FGR


“Imitation of Christ.”


So here i am again, doing what i could call one of the best pleasures of my life. New York Fashion Week (MBFW) by now has concluded and London is getting dressed up in a sassy way to walk down the catwalk. While that happens I’ll be writing what I loved and when I say (or write in this case) L O V E D, I mean it. So to start with New York, we saw the revival of Imitation of Christ after Tara Subkoff decided to call it Imitation, two seasons ago, presented a collection that echoed inside of my head for quite a while creating a dilemma on if I liked it or if I did not. The conclusion of that dilemma is quite, if not entirely, obvious. Everything reminds me of the Lisbon sisters (The Virgin Suicides/one of my favorite movies), how they would look if they were to get married (recalling the theme and the setting of the show and the collection) or how they would look if they were going to another homecoming dance (if it weren’t for their first tragic prom dance). Nostalgia was everywhere, it was as if nostalgia had pooped in that room. Yes, but that nostalgia was mixed with a little bit of commotion and awkwardness, since Lydia Hearts got married for real, in a pretty white lace dress with an organza peplum that seemed to appear ghostly fading from the bodice of the dress. The dresses were build in such an artsy way that tears of happiness could possibly run down the cheeks of any skeptic human being. Most of them beautifully crafted, re-creating that 1920’s affair that never went away during the mid 50’s to the mid 60’s. Lace was a key part of the whole collection, worked in so many ways, dyed here, with appliqués there, with embellishments above that, attached here, there… There was this dress (second look on the third picture here) which instantly caught my breath, fully worked in antique lace re-worked (I believe) with pink lace poppy's attached down the right shoulder, waist and down the skirt, with hand-cut strings of lace hanging down the left shoulder, that to me entirely captured the nostalgic memorabilia of prom dances from the 60’s, the Lisbon sister, 1920’s ladies, Lars von Trier’s Melancholia, and Carrie (not Bradshaw). And those were quite a few things that came to my mind after I finished watching the whole collection. Other details were sequins, pleats, and gorgeous prints. Birds are flying. Amazing collection.


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“What every out-of-the-ordinary teen girl wants.”


I was more taken away by this campaign than by any other out there. It felt fresh, raw, and full of teenage sensibility.

Hailee Steinfeld fro Miu Miu fall 2011 shot by Bruce Weber.

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“Aaaaand there I go…”


So lately I’ve been reading quite the a stack of magazine from past months (I left some out of the picture above), watching runway shows (Thanks God for #LiveStream and #LiveRunway) and drawing. I already picked my first ultimate favorite collection presented almost a day ago. Tomorrow I think I’ll be heading to the beach with some friends, we’re celebrating the last day of our last high school mid-class break.

What you all been up to?.

Picture: Taken by me.


“La Lulu Macaroon in Vergara & Vergara Couture.”

31 Vergara & Vergara Couture

This is how Lulu and I say Happy Birthday, to one good friend and designer of Vergara & Vergara, Happy Birthday. Today, she is wearing a look from Vergara & Vergara fall 2011 collection presented during Fashion Week Panama 2011.

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“Hot child in the city.”

30 Giambattista Valli resort 2011, vintage pumps, balenciaga bag

New York Fashion Week starts in a few days and as Lulu is, she already flew to NYC. Yesterday, she landed at JFK airport wearing a Giambattista Valli resort 2012 look which we decided to wear sans the jacket. The thing about that look that caught our attention the most was how the flowers look (from a distance) like kiwis. Anyways, we paired the whole outfit with vintage purple stilettos and a Balenciaga motorcycle bag in Barbie pink (hate Barbie ugh, Lulu is so much better). We both are excited for a lot of shows over there, which you can't wait to see?.

Drawing: by me.

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