“My New Favorite Motherfucking Artist: Parker Ito”

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Arco iris

“This sinergy coming from thevhghjkhjgvnmn boopy digital art is trasformed in the evolution of guzoo wankle coming from the computer, and the viewer have the illusion of being in front a skreen, looking dots that are transfvmnvbvmnnvmbghjghorming in cells, balloons, and form of free interpretation (art is subjective).”

- Parker Ito’s website.

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source: Parker Ito.


“NYFW: Parsons MFA Graduates: Mathew Dolan”

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Mathew Dolan

“Matthew Dolan, might be from Sydney but his collection was undoubtedly born in the USA: “It’s an investigation into the materiality and mass-consumption of the ‘American Style’ and the means by which specific articles of clothing (jeans, denim jacket, white tee-shirt) exist as cultural signifiers,” said Matthew. Although you don’t need to mention more than “oversized denim” to get our hearts beating, Matthew’s re-purposing of existing garments such as t-shirts and jeans cut up and unraveled to create new textures and patterns is the new American classic. And with textile references dating back to the Colonial period, the collection is a much more compelling take on American History than the class you slept through in high school.”

- I-D Magazine extract


Undeniably cool, one of my ultimate favorite graduates from this season program.

collage: me
pictures: style.com




NotaSpice Girls – Say You’ll Be ThereNota



Inspiration for fashion week dressing?

Pretty much

My favorite pictures from an opening I went a few months ago @ Recoleta’s Cultural Center

What’s not love?

A South American Grunge Gang VS A Perverted Teletubbies Gang

Which side you’re in for?


All Pictures by me.


“Blue Is The Warmest Color”

Ever since I was little I had a thing for the color blue, I always gravitated towards it one way or another and a few months ago I was really into dyeing my hair a not so bright shade of blue… to be honest I didn’t have the guts to do it but I guess better late than never. I might even consider doing most of it in this greenish shade of blue, more like a teal-like color.
The only tedious part was seating for about 3 hours in a salon waiting for the bleach to act on my hair but so worth the wait.
On the other hand.
both the t-shirt and the awesome patched denim jacket I scored them in a flea market for less that 40$ both.
Soon more posts and changes.
Nube de tormenta
Picture: My Awesome Mother took it.