"30.5.2010 / Art Festival at the MAC part #2"

This are the rest of the pics i took while there on the MAC art festival. Im off to do my daily Vogue reading.
This one is a Hermes small Kelly bag, god i have eyes for luxury items. Today i spotted a cillion Louis Vuitton's, 3 Chanel's, 1 Jimmy Choo, and 4 Coach bags.

I talked with the artist about this pieces wich are truly amazing, you can be forgiven if you thought that this are actually hand painted glass, bu no, it isnt. The process consists on making a mold, then doing another mold made of plaster, then she cutt little pieces of glass and mixed them to form the colors and shape, then it went to the oven for like an hour at a lot of degrees. And TADAAA this are the results. BEAUTIFUL. By Gladys Sevillano.

First picture of Street style by me, she's a proffesional dancer. Wearing this gorgues teal colored dress, with a beautiful colored belt and a Chanel cuff.

Isnt thi paint exciting?, by Ana Elena Garuz plus Cisco Merel. (above)

Male Dorothy's. by Maria Raquel Cochez in collaboration with Miky Fabrega. (above)

Pop Art, Amazing. by Lu Coxhead.

Very Ethnic, and reminded me of Grace Jones.

This can be translated into one of the Jason Wu pieces from the Spring 2010 Collection, i think, personally. LOVE THIS PAINT. by Bernice Abadi.

"30.5.2010 / What i did today Part #2: Art Festival at the MAC"

So, finally, the MAC art festival. Well today after i woke up i wento to take my sunday morning jogging and then had breakfast, i remember when Nikhail told me he got the Humprheys breakfast (waffles), and i replied that i also had it, but the Brooklyn Humprheys breakfast (made by me pancakes). I had it again today.

To start with the MAC festival, i taked some pics at the Press Room, and then went inside to see the amazing pieces that they have.

This was the inside in the down floor, here were the Romero Brito pieces and some amazing
bronze pieces.

This piece from Pablo Gris is called "Silver", you can see the details from the pic above that i taked, but the background is made from thinfoilf paper, and silver spray paint.

This one is from Juan Raul Diaz Fabrega, called "The Fall", at first i didnt understood it, but it had this amazing meaning for the artist, very deep and personal. The women represent the way he once fell inlove with a girl in higschool and the lines going down mean the route that lead her to his heart. VERY DEEP. So inspirational. (above)

This represents the Invation time here in Panama, the background is made from vintage newspapers of that time, the red color represents the blood of the people who died during that time, and the bomber car represented the war that was going on. From Juan Raul Diaz Fabrega, called "Full Metal".

This was the art piece that reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw, dont know why, but it did. Is called "Flight", by Rafael Barrios Arias.

This piece, from different angles changed color, truly amazing, and defenitly i want this in my room. By Cruz-Diez, called "Adicion Cromatica de Trapecio" (above -can anyone please send a blank check so i can buy every single art piece from this festival, specially The Carrie)

More Pics To Follow.


"30.5.2010 / What i did today Part #1: Flea Market"

Today, after a little change of plans, i got to go to my Contemporany Art Festival with my lovely aunt and her sister, and totally unexpected, i got to go to the flea market also.

(I wore this for the art festival, baby blue cardigan, checked shirt, from Zara; cropped white linen pants from Fox; watch by skagen; bracelets from a thrift store; sunglasses from a trip to Las Vegas-last year.)

First i went to the flea market, wich was amazing, i had a great time listening to the best of the late Bob Marley and admiring what everyone had. Bought 2 books and nothing else, but it was wonderful. The smell of the sea breeze and the sun burning my cheeks... such a rapturous feeling

This ring is amazing, i almost bought it, the stone was almost exactly like a stormy sky, with bolts and everything. Such a beautiful piece. (above)

This clutch was first feautured on Liz Moreno's blog, it reminded me of paints from the Art Deco decade. (above)

The girls from this stand were lovely with me, as they told me how amazing is the process of making this super cute hand made headbands, they have them in tull, silk, cotton; with rhinestones, sequins. Again they're 100% handmade.

This were the books that i bought. "Winter's Tales" by Isak Dinesen, and "A bend in the Road" by Nicholas Sparks.

Im off to sleep guys, im way to tired to work on the next post from today adventures, so see you tomorrow.


So im off to PTY in a few hours, i really like the outffit im wearing, specially the flipflops as we are in the midle of summer, and here in Panama summer is humid, one of the reasons why i love winter so much.

Last night before i went to sleep i read and article of the Contemporany Art Festival im attending today, the pieces that they have are amazing, one of the pieces reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw. So i also found out that today we have Flea Market on the Old Part of the city, im going to, but is kinda weird, cuz' i love so much going to the mall everytime i go to the city. Well im going anyway.

I found this, in my morning daily blog readings. On instyle mag online they made a slideshow of the best Carrie Bradshaw looks, ill do the post when i get back, i must be getting ready by now, but here is the link:

I love this editorial from I-D summer 2010, they're actually a real life couple, so much pasion going on there. Amazing.


"What im gonna do this weekend"

A little change of plans, tomorrow ill stay home, enjoy some quality time with my family, and on sunday ill attend that god-dammed Contemporany Art Festival, on tuesday ill check Formosa Vintage Store, i hope i can get a bunch of stuff to wear, im thinking of vintage cardigan, some shirts, a nice pair of skinny pants, a tux' jacket, and sunglasses.

As i said yesterday, my two exams were as easy as drag queen learning how to sing "I will survive", i wish all of you could see my philosophy exam, it consisted of only 4 questions, again, as i said yesterday, the bullshit was written and of course, imma' get a good grade.

Im off to watch some movies, A nightmare on the Elm Street (i love vintage horror films) and The Brothers Grimm (wich i expect to give me some inspiration to find something intersting to post). I dont want this blog to be just celebrities, fashion news, and editorials, but im just starting with this so lets see what time tells.

I found this picture on my fellow blogg/and friend, Mari Irene from http://meandmyfashionissues.blogspot.com/, its Salvador Dali, form 1947, by Philippe Halsman. FREEDOM written all over it, its just so beautyful the way the water is falling and everything is suspended on the air. Such a Great Picture, another one to print and frame it for my room, now i want to do an "Art Corner" on my room.

"Miu Miu Fall 2010"

Though it was fall, this collection was fun, very young, super sweet and according to style-dot-com, very sixties pre-hippies (wich is so true). The pops of color wich were my favorite looks (the oranges, poping out in the center of the runway, lovely. The rich purples-one of my favorite colors ever- were amazing) the collection was all black, but not boring black. I see an Eddie Sedwick vibe from looks 1, 3, 4. Also love the dropwaist, and the metal embellishment on the coats, dresses, shoes, and handbags.

I wish i could say that those were some of the pictures i took with my cam while i was seated front row at Miu Miu during Milan Fashion Week Fall 2010 (above). But sadly nope, those arent my pics, well they are screen shots that i did while watching the runway online on the Miu Miu website. But really, i can say i was front row there, cuz' i taked my seat on my living room, put on my best vicky b. sunglasses and started to watch the show, throwing to the air some Rachel Zoe esqe "OOOH. UUH, AAH, Stunning".
Well, who said dreams are expensives? DUH, of course not me.

"Unknow Photoshoot #3"

What i love about this photoshoot is the way it transitions from a very childish way to a more sexy, more bombshell way... Its like puberty (yes, im comparing puberty with an editorial), very fresh-faced, ooh and no need to talk about the gorgeus rare beauty that is Lara Stone.
Photos by: Horst Diekgerdes.
Published in AnOther Magazine, Spring/Summer 2007


"Thanks Coco Rocha for Reading My Blog"

WOW this is awesome, i fell out of my chair and then started jumping like a monkey. I really apreciatte that she took off some of her really important time to check this silly blog... she send me a direct message on twitter to comfirm it.


"Im Back"

So, after almost a week of not doing any post, im back... believe me, i really missed this shit, apart from my little collection of Vogue's and Fashion TV, nothing here in Colon is Fashionably Accepted. Lately i been listening to french music from the late Edith Piaff, i love "la vie en rose" and "non, je ne regrette rien".
Anyway, for tommorrow i have chemestry and philosophy (its pilosophy, so ill just write bullshit on my exam and ill do great, no need to worry). On chemestry ill be off to a friend house to practice everything.

I found this picture at Fashion Copious, and i adore it.. its so fresh, and so "i-dont-care-whatever-i-wear-ill-look-great-anyway". For me that picture screams "You can throw me anything, but i wont care". Boy ill be off to study my chemestry thing and then ill see if i can print this pic and frame it for my room-wich needs a pop of colour here and there.

Currently on my Playlist:

1. Impossible Love / Bob Marley.

2. Walk on the wild side / Lou Redd & The Velvet Underground.

3. Run / Vampire Weekend.

4. Warwick Avenue / Duffy.

5. Kiss with a Fist / Florence and the Machine.


"So what should i tell you today"

Ill be doing some of my lasts post this week, i got until friday cuz' ill be studying like a library freak. Also im gonna take my free week after exams to attend an Contemporary Art Festival at the Contemporary Art Musseum; and also to check a vintage store, Formosa, that http://meandmyfashionissues.blogspot.com/ told me to check out.. She found a vintage Gianni Versace belt circa 1980's for $25, and a vintage YSL bag for $125, isnt it amazing? Well ill be going to see what i find.

I wore this on saturday, when i went to the mall just to see all the spring stuff from Chanel, i saw those famous clogs, in person they look amazing. I also went to zara, their military inspired is already there, from their fall looks (im gonna lust over several pieces, so lets see what i can get).

(Zara long sleeved tee, jeans, and faux leather hi tops. Vintage hat from the 80's)

(Those clogs look super amazing in person, i almost tell the sales girl to try them for me.)

Currently on my Playlist:

1. Moscas en la casa / Shakira.

2. Walk this Way / Aerosmith.

3. You got the love / Florence and the Machine.

4. Dont stop believing / Lady Gaga Cover.

5. Heroin / The Velvet Underground.

I must be studying by now, so See You in a few days.

"UnKnow Photoshoot 2"

Im feeling just like that today, fresh, problem-less, and happy with myself.
Rosie Tupper by Nicole Bentley, styled by Naomi Smith, for Vogue US April 2010.